Feta Shrimp

Cuisine: Feta Shrimp

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A feta-accented seafood plate, this recipe will please your tastebuds, and is sure to impress your guests. Enjoy as is or as a pasta topping.


Uncooked shrimp – (3 lbs)

3 to 4 Small Vine Tomatoes

3 Large Garlic Cloves

Capari – (2.5 spoons)

Greek Feta Cheese – ( 1/2 pound )

Greek Olive Oil – ( 1.5 cups)


Salt – ( 2 tablespoons)

Black Pepper

Lemon – (1)



Wash shrimp with ice-cold water, and rinse with white wine. Salt shrimp with two teaspoons of salt. Add one and a half cups of olive oil in a deep pan and place on high heat. Cut and clean three garlic cloves. Smash them open to release flavor, and add them to the mix. Slice tomatoes in half, and add them to the mix. Add a pinch of rosemary. Saute. Let mix stand for about five minutes before adding the shrimp. Mixing the shrimp every now and then, wait until they are fully cooked, or turn orange. Crumble large feta chunks throughout the pan. Follow with the addition of capers.
Turn down heat, and let simmer for three minutes. Turn heat off and add black pepper to taste. Enjoy!


For extra zest, add lemon once the fire is out.