University Square: NHSA Convention

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A profile of the National Hellenic Student Association, a student-run organization that actively engages Greek-American students across North America.

Official Website: www.nhsaofamerica.org

First Official NHSA Convention: Fall 2009 at the University of Michigan, with representatives from 25 universities.

Founders: Members of Hellenic Student Associations (HSA) from various universities in the U.S.

Locations: College campuses across the U.S. and Canada.

Held: Bi-annually in the spring and fall.

Next NHSA Convention: Fall 2013.

Number of attendees at the last convention: Approx. 130 students from over 50 universities, hosted by Philadelphia university HSAs.

About NHSA: It serves as a network for students of Hellenic descent to support each other, to build a strong community for the future, and to develop a platform that allows student members to run initiatives that adhere to NHSA’s purpose: Education and Hellenism – Παιδεία και Ελληνισμός. The NHSA has grown from less than 20 university members to more than 60, and has begun collaborating with Canadian universities. “We have been fortunate to have very loyal sponsors and supporters, which have included the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, Hellenext, the American Hellenic Institute, and numerous individuals to whom we are extremely grateful.” – co-founder Eirini Schlosser.

Typical activities/events/attractions: Guest keynote speakers, a professional mentorship fair, round-table discussions, a tour of the city & local universities, social events or concerts for student attendees, elections for NHSA, and discussions of NHSA initiatives.

Target Audience: Students of Hellenic descent and philhellenes are encouraged to attend and take part in discussions.

$$$ Price Range: Students pay a registration fee of about $100, which covers hotel, event, and dining expenses. The fee is usually 75% reimbursed.

 “Students have the opportunity to develop the strongest friendships with peers who attend from universities all over the U.S. and Canada. The NHSA adventure is a chance to participate, become active, work with your peers to develop initiatives that you want to see happen, develop yourself professionally and academically, and finally do as Greeks do; enjoy the dance, the food, the laughter, and the NHSA family. You can’t find it anywhere else packed into one weekend.” – co-founder Eirini Schlosser.

For more information about the NHSA please visit: www.nhsaofamerica.org.