Top 5 GR Startups: CareAcross

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Established: 2013

Founding Members:

Thanos Kosmidis: Co-founder & CEO

Paris Kosmidis, MD: Co-founder & CMO

Alexandros Giamas: Co-founder & CTO

Headquarters: Athens, GR

Purpose: CareAcross will give patients and caregivers the best way to fight cancer beyond their hospital, from diagnosis to long-term care.

General activities: CareAcross provides an online community which supports people affected by cancer, by providing credible information, useful tools, psychological support, and expert advice.

Overall impact:  Cancer patients spend about 1% of their time in the hands of experts (doctors, nurses, etc.), but there is little focus on the remaining 99%, and we want to change that. When they support each other, become empowered, and are better informed, cancer patients and caregivers will have a better partnership with their professional healthcare team, and a stronger support network of people facing similar challenges. Therefore, instead of feeling alone throughout their treatment, and powerless in front of the complexities of the disease, they will build up the strength necessary to face cancer’s everyday challenges.

People involved: Core team of five people, and partnerships currently with 15 leading oncologists.

Geographic reach: Worldwide.

Biggest challenge in creating the startup: Addressing cancer, one of the most personal and delicate issues in health, while respecting each patient’s individual need for privacy and dignity.

Biggest payoff of creating the startup: Having current patients tell us “When can I join?” And having survivors tell us “I wish I had this when I had cancer!”

In sum: Why this idea? Why now? Why in Greece? Impact is biggest wherever the challenges are the toughest. We want to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, caregivers and their families, and we feel we are already late. Greece is unique in its depth of scientific talent, and also Greeks can offer empathy and support in hard times. We believe the combination is too good not to be used against cancer.

Official website:


-As noted by Thanos Kosmidis

CareAcross Co-Founder and CEO


{This post is part of our “Top 5 Startups” selection featuring a few groups and organizations making impactful changes in Greece}.