Top 5 GR Startups: Found.ation

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Established: 2013

Founding Members:

Dimitris Kalavros – Gousiou: Co-founder

Thanos Kosmidis: Co-founder

Konstantinos Politis: Co-founder

John Sklavos: Co-founder

Maria Tritari: Co-founder

Headquarters: Athens, GR

General activities: Found.ation is one of the first co-working spaces in Athens. Found.ation aims to meet the specific needs of technology startups and offer facilities and services in the areas of technology, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. Within Found.ation’s creative space, groups can work, meet and exchange ideas and experiences with other groups, meet with customers and investors, and attend lectures and presentations.

Purpose: The founders’ goal with the project is to satisfy the needs of young technology companies, acting as an incubator of their business operations. Productive cooperation is promoted through offering participants daily opportunities to network with professionals from various fields to exchange help, opinions and ideas, and develop new partnerships. We believe that the success of young entrepreneurs requires substantial investment in their craftsmanship and skills, especially in the high-technology sector. We are passionate in providing young entrepreneurs with the right tools, educational resources and networking opportunities.

Overall impact: A successful co-working space, where groups of different working needs and backgrounds are installed, meet, work, exchange experiences, and collaborate creatively to achieve their goals. A new effort, which provides both knowledge and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs. Our motto is: “Turning Enthusiasts into Entrepreneurs.”

People involved: Currently seven full-time employees, and hosting over 30 tenants and 10 partners.

Biggest challenge in creating the startup: There was an intense interest in co-working spaces in the city. More and more young entrepreneurs were seeking an affordable solution to offer them a fully equipped office and access to new opportunities of business networking. The “123P” was the second co-working environment that appeared in Athens a few years ago. It was a specially designed loft with a primary objective to accommodate all the ambitious entrepreneurs of the city who needed a fully equipped office, to cover their needs. The Found.ation is the newly designed co-working space created by the “123P” project team, who decided to expand this project and create, under the new name Found.ation, a brand new larger co-working space for tenants to fully enjoy an enhanced environment and a wider range of services offered.

The fear and uncertainty brought up by the economic crisis, prevents new entrepreneurs from transforming their ideas into action. Therefore, helping these promising individuals understand their potential is a constant challenge.

Finally, at least in the beginning, our biggest setback had been the “Greek DNA”, which is not geared towards sharing, openness, collaboration, and lifelong learning. Essentially, this challenge was about change: from a culture of individual consumers to one of collective producers. And while change is always hard, its fruits are long-lasting.

Biggest payoff of creating the startup: We have created a place that inspires and enables its community members to work, connect with each other on a meaningful level, and finally transform their ideas into action. The positive feedback we receive so far form our tenants and partners has been the biggest payoff of our work.

In sum: Why this idea? Why now? Why in Greece? The fear and uncertainty brought up by the economic crisis in our country, prevents new entrepreneurs from transforming their ideas into action. Our ambition is to provide them with open access to “knowledge, the place, and the right people” in order to enhance them starting their new job under the most appropriate conditions.

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 -As noted by Dimitris Kalavros – Gousiou

Found.ation Founder & CEO

{This post is part of our “Top 5 Startups” selection featuring a few groups and organizations making impactful changes in Greece}.