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GloVo – Global Volunteers Platform

Established: 2012

Founding Members:

Kostapanos Miliaresis: Founder & CEO

Aris Konstantinidis: Co-founder & COO

Chris Panagiotou: Co-founder & CBO

Haris Ninios: Co-founder & CTO

Headquarters: Athens, GR

Mission statement: Our mission is to connect young and passionate volunteers with organizers of global events and actions and create a great experience for the both of them.

General activities: GloVo is a global volunteers platform, which enables people from all over the world to register as volunteers and participate in many kinds of events and actions, according to their skills, location, interests, and the event needs.

Additionally, event organizers can register their upcoming event and assign the recruitment, selection, training, allocation, coordination and management of volunteers, as well as the promotion of their event to GloVo. This is particularly attractive for companies seeking to host events or volunteer service actions as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

Overall impact: Until now, young people who were interested in civic engagement and volunteerism had to search on their own for opportunities and then find a way to apply or come in contact with the people in charge. Also, event organizers either did not have the time or the knowledge to recruit, organize, and manage volunteers or create a good experience for them. The results were firstly young people staying at home disappointed and secondly organizers with insufficient or poorly skilled volunteers for their events and actions.

At GloVo, we care about creating a great experience for both volunteers and event organizers. We automatically connect young people with volunteer opportunities according to their specific interests, knowledge, and skills. In that way, everyone is satisfied and many young people are introduced to volunteerism in a very positive way and, as a result, want to do it again. We focus not only on getting the best out of volunteers, but also giving them the best!

People involved: Five core members on a daily basis, 10 support members, 2,500 volunteers.

Geographic reach: Currently across Athens and working toward expansion in Serbia within six months.

Biggest challenge in creating the startup: The Greek law and tax system. Nothing more to say.

Biggest payoff of creating the startup: The biggest gain from the creation of a startup is the new experiences that you come across … anything from forming new friends and partners, to dealing with the everyday problems that require immediate solutions. It is also thrilling to translate the knowledge from your university experience into action and face real case studies without any guidelines, but only your instinct and daring courage to try new things.

In sum: Why this idea? Why now? Why in Greece? We keep dreaming and planning about how to help people in need. Actions like social cooking, tree planting, helping out institutions and initiatives, cleaning public spaces and forests are some actions we have accomplished. Until now, we have helped more than 1,000 young people to take part in events and actions as volunteers, thus contributing to their success and making their impact as participants in society greater. We are confident that more and more young people will become civically engaged and introduced to volunteerism, and then they will continue to offer their services in the future.

Our dream is to offer a positive introduction to volunteerism for every young man and woman in the world and combine everyone’s abilities and knowledge in order to achieve great results by solving problems. Right now we have set a goal of engaging 10,000 young people and students in the next two to three years and create a positive impact on the whole society through our actions.

Official website:

As noted by Kostapanos Miliaresis

GloVo Founder & CEO


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