Top 5 GR Startups: Incrediblue

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Established: 2013

Founding Members:

Antonios Fiorakis: Co-founder & CEO

Theodoros Orfanidis: Co-founder & CTO

Georgios Gatos: Co-founder & COO

Headquarters: Volos, GR

Purpose: Incrediblue is a community-based website changing the way people experience water by enabling aspiring and experienced boaters to rent unique boats directly from their owners.

New service created: Unique boat rental marketplace.

Overall impact: Incrediblue is making boating an accessible travel option for all by giving owners the ability to list their boats for rental, connect directly with travelers, and avoid the enormous fees required by brokers. Not only is the service beneficial and free to use for owners, it’s also taken boating from an unattainable luxury to a reasonable vacation option. That holiday you’ve always dreamt of … it’s finally possible!

People involved: Over 10 people.

Geographic reach: International reach, but currently focused on Europe.

Biggest challenge in creating the startup: Growing from a team of three co-founders to over 10 people in just a few months time.

Biggest payoff of creating the startup: Hearing a passionate customer pitch your service to friends.

In sum: Why this idea? Why now? Why in Greece? Incrediblue is a Greek story and it makes sense to be one. It makes sense for an idea and company like Incrediblue to come out of and be based in Greece and not in Berlin, London, or San Francisco since Greece is near all the main boating hubs like Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and Spain. And above all, we have industry expertise.

Official website:


-As noted by Antonios Fiorakis

Incrediblue Co-Founder & CEO

Active in over 10 countries with more than 1,500 registered boats
Full Season: April – October | Peak Months: July – August
Cost range starting point: A boat trip around Barcelona for four persons can cost as low as 52 euros for the entire group.

{This post is part of our “Top 5 Startups” selection featuring a few groups and organizations making impactful changes in Greece}.