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Top 5 GR Startups: rabt

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Established: 2013

Founding Members:

Yiannis Broustas: Co-founder & CEO

George Lentzas: Co-founder

Leonidas Garyfallos: Co-founder & CTO

Headquarters: Athens, GR & New York, U.S.

Purpose: Rabt aims to change people’s everyday entertainment by personalizing the way they experience video content while at home or on the move.

New service created:  Rabt is the fastest and easiest way to discover and watch videos on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Through a patented set of algorithms, it evaluates videos from different premium quality sources and compiles them into a unique playlist for every single user across eight categories (news, sports, lifestyle, comedy, etc.)

Overall impact: Rabt started as an idea in 2012. Since then, it has setup two offices in Athens and New York, subsequently employing several people, and has attracted positive attention from major media outlets around the world. In 2013 rabt received the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award and the title “Globalized Start-up of the Year” in the AppWARDS 2013.

People involved: Seven.

Geographic reach: Mainly focused on the U.S. but we have users all across the globe. Greece has been a very strong testing market and we do have a loyal crowd here.

Biggest challenge in creating the startup: Funding, attracting the right traction from users and media, and managing a team of people split between Athens and New York.

Biggest payoff of creating the startup: Giving employment and hope to young Greek graduates dreaming of building a big, global tech company, starting it in Greece and expanding it to the U.S., and the emotional satisfaction and personal fulfillment of designing a viable business model from scratch.

In sum: Why this idea? Why now? Why in Greece? The idea came out of a debate around the globe regarding the move from desktop to mobile, and why mobile video is not yet as developed as it should be. Being Greeks and having lived abroad for over 10 years, we thought that it would be a pity to set up the company somewhere else when our own country is going through a major crisis and talent is lost due to increased unemployment. That’s what led to the decision to come back to Greece, set up the office here, and then expand globally.

 Official website: www.rabt.co

As noted by Yiannis  Broustas

rabt Co-founder & CEO

{This post is part of our “Top 5 Startups” selection featuring a few groups and organizations making impactful changes in Greece}.