The Other Side of Greece World Tour

World Tour: ‘The Other Side of Greece’

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Through a kaleidoscope of artistic expression, musician and songwriter Philippos Pliatsikas brings together a new reflection of Greece’s musical depth in his latest tour appropriately titled “The Other Side of Greece.”

This new collaborative performance incorporates a mixture of genres, styles, and generations, echoing a respect for the past and tradition, but with an eye for the future. Joining Pliatsikas on tour are various notable artists including his former Pyx Lax band member Babis Stokas, Liset Alea from Nouvelle Vague, actor Georges Corraface, and band members from Onar.

The Other Side of GreeceRehearsal

Philippos Pliatsikas & band members welcome Portes Magazine to a pre-tour rehearsal.

Travelling around Europe, “The Other Side of Greece” brings together the band’s melancholic blues through mainland music in combination with the sharp tunes of the Cretan lyre and Epirus clarinet. Works by Greece’s most influential poets, Cavafy, Seferis, and Elitis will be brought on stage through a modern musical interpretation, appealing to audiences of all ages.

With this continuing performance, Philippos Pliatsikas and his collaborating team hope to break the negativity against Greece and bring a positive image of the country around the world.