the editorial team


Anthe Mitrakos


Anthe has been a writer, designer, photographer, and editor for print, radio, and television at both specialty and mainstream media agencies. She enjoys meeting interesting people, hearing their stories, and visiting unique places that inspire her writing and creative work. When not writing, Anthe enjoys drawing, cooking, and baking sweets.

Vasiliki Mitrakos


Vasiliki graduated with a degree in political science, but has an interest in exploring creative media forms and learning to handle all kinds of tasks, from web design to marketing. Portes Magazine is a project that blossomed out of a very close and personal interest in Greece and she is excited to see how it will develop over time.


the contributors


Christina Loridas

Cultural Devotee

Christina Loridas has spent multiple summers in our beautiful Ελλάδα, studying, sitting around a full dinner table with κρασί and laughter, and cramming her notebooks full of words and poems on ferry rides across the Aegean. Writing is her passion, and Greece is her inspiration. Gentle winds, blue waters, and strums of the bouzouki have always captivated her since childhood. Christina graduated from Suffolk University with a B.A. in Communication and Print Journalism and has served as a staff member at Ionian Village.

Michael Nevradakis

Contributing Reporter

Michael Nevradakis is a Ph.D. student in Media Studies at the University of Texas. He has received a Fulbright Research Grant and a Greek State Scholarship to study the impact of social and new media technologies on the public sphere and political discourse in Greece. Michael is the host of Dialogos Radio, a weekly radio program featuring notable interviews on topics relevant to Greece and the worldwide Greek community. He also occasionally contributes to Truthout, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos.

Katherine Poseidon

Travel Enthusiast

Katherine Poseidon is a first-generation Greek American currently living in Athens. After finishing high school in Ohio, she studied History and Middle Eastern Studies at Trinity College in Cambridge. Last year she completed a Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh in Diaspora Studies, focusing on the experience of Greeks in Asia Minor. Currently enrolled in a Masters program at the University of Athens, she spends her free time traveling, writing, photographing, and exploring hidden corners of old Athens.



Chris Blake

Sports Writer

Chris Blake is a media relations coordinator and one of the radio broadcasters for the Corpus Christi Hooks minor league baseball team. He was part of the Reinventing Greece Media Project launch team in 2011 that set to document the ever-changing economic landscape in Greece. Originally from Dallas, Chris is a proud Texas Christian University Horned Frog and hopes one day to conquer the whole “speaking Greek fluently” thing.

Dimitri Polymenopoulos

Man on the Street Photographer

Dimitris Polymenopoulos is a freelance journalist and event photographer  who is also passionate about Diaspora media. He received his degree in  Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture from NTUA, but his interests ultimately got the better of him. He now spends his days writing great copy,  capturing your most cherished moments with his trusty Pentax, and is part of a talented collective of artists and architects known as the Alternative Tours of Athens.

Iris Cremer

Life Matters Columnist

Iris Cremer is a Counseling Psychologist and works privately with individuals, couples and groups, on relationship, marital, parental issues, and anxiety disorders. She has studied Psychology (BSc) and Counseling Psychology (Master/PG Dip) at the University of Essex and the University of Edinburgh. She is also the editor of, a blog approaching a variety of topics through the lense of psychology providing knowledge, solutions, and recommendations for daily challenges.