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Art of War: Paintings of Revolutionary Heroes by Peter von Hess

A romantic illustrator of the Greek War of Independence, Peter von Hess (1792 - 1871) brilliantly captured the essence and soul of Hellenic revolutionaries through artwork. Among his most known is a collection of 39 paintings immortalizing the likes of Andreas Metaxas, Laskarina Bouboulina, and Dimitrios Ypsilantis, all of whom played major roles in the fight for freedom.

Well travelled and experienced in military settings, von Hess in 1833 was selected by Ludwig I of Bavaria to accompany the young King Otto to the newly formed Kingdom of Greece. Following the historical succession of events, von Hess illustrated scenes based on gathered stories and information, as well as his very own imagination of what each moment may have looked like, thus, painting an image of the gallant effort for independence.

Staikos Staikopoulos Conquers Palamidi

Dimitrios Ypsilantis Defends Argos

Andreas Metaxas in the Battle of Lala

Bouboulina Crosses Nafplio

Sacred Band Fighting at Dragasani


COLLECTION: Benaki Museum

ILLUSTRATION: Peter von Hess


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