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National Hellenic Student Association: Saronida Beach Clean Up

SARONIDA - The National Hellenic Student Association (NHSA) of North America, with sponsorship by The Hellenic Initiative, and in collaboration with ethelon and iSea conducted their inaugural day-long Beach Clean Up at Saronida Beach in July. 

With over 50 volunteers, the Beach Clean Up resulted in 792 lbs of trash, including recyclable items, being removed from the coast line, which was then sorted and analyzed by iSea.

Divers from Poseidon Club Dive Center also assisted in the removal of trash from inside the water. Volunteers from across the U.S. and Greece were joined by Saronikos Young Volunteers in Action, and individuals from the Municipality of Saronida, joined the volunteers from NHSA, ethelon, and iSea.

As a parting gift, and in line with the message of sustainability and environmental consciousness, NHSA provided all participants with a toothbrush constructed from bamboo by BeMyFlower, a sustainable Greece-based company. 


WORDS + PHOTOS: Portes Magazine


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