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The Entry of King Otto into Nauplia: by Peter von Hess

Commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria, this 1835 oil painting by Peter von Hess depicts the grand entry of the young Otto Friedrich Ludwig into Nauplia, or Nauplio. Known as Othon to the Greeks, Otto was a Bavarian prince who ruled as King of Greece under the Convention of London, from 1832 until 1862.

Von Hess (1792 - 1871) was a German painter, known for his capturing of historic moments in the form of oil paintings, especially those of the Napoleonic Wars and the Greek War of Independence. He was selected by Ludwig I to create a collection of 39 paintings immortalizing the likes of Andreas Metaxas, Laskarina Bouboulina, and Dimitrios Ypsilantis, all of whom played major roles in the fight for freedom.


WORDS: Portes Magazine

PHOTOS: Peter von Hess


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